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Chris Marone

Chris Marone headshot Chris Marone is a professor in the Department of Geosciences and the Center for Geomechanics, Geofluids, and Geohazards at Penn State. His recent research has focused primarily on earthquake physics, friction, and fault mechanics.

Recent themes have included: 1) rate-state friction mechanics, fault healing and the application of laboratory derived friction laws to the spectrum of fault slip behaviors, 2) poromechanical properties of deforming rocks, 3) the role of dynamic stressing in frictional instability, 4) granular mechanics and the effect of particle properties on friction, jamming and unjamming, 5) the role of shear fabric and clay mineralogy on the frictional strength and constitutive properties of fault rocks, 6) the strength and rheology of fault rocks in nature, with particular focus on samples recovered in scientific drilling.

T: 814.865.7964

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