Kamini Singha Research Overview:

My primary research goals have been to contribute to theory relating to hydrogeologic processes including fluid flow in aquifers, contaminant transport, and groundwater-surface-water interactions by integrating geophysical techniques, hydrogeologic tools, and mathematical simulation, allowing the development of improved predictive models. My more theoretical work concentrates on quantifying the "geophysical footprint", or the impact of spatially and temporally varying measurement physics, on using geophysical data to constrain hydrogeologic processes. Recent collaborative work has branched into new areas that do not fit easily into one discipline, including linking water quality degradation and human behavior, exploring water quantity affects on desert ecosystems, and using geophysics to quantify kinetics of iron reduction.

Research Interests:

» Physical processes controlling solute and contaminant mass transport

» Integration of geophysical imaging with flow and transport modeling to improve quantification of flow and transport processes

» Accounting for spatially variable measurement physics for establishing field-scale rock physics relations between geophysical and hydrogeologic parameters

» Solute response to groundwater-surface water exchange

» Impacts of small-scale mining on water quality in Ghana

Current Projects:

» Details on the above projects and others can be found on my homepage

Contact Kamini:

814.863.6649 | ksingha@psu.edu

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